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Your Children

There are many children waiting to be helped. Please keep ECI in mind as you plan holiday gifts (coffee is the gift that keeps on giving!) or for other opportunities. Your help is what has made changing these children’s lives possible. Let’s bring hope to more hearts in the days to come.

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Thanks to the hard work of ECI President Dr. Rae Schnuth and many ECI partners, Roselor, a little girl in Haiti who we have worked to get here for almost 4 years for a PDA repair, will arrive in the US on August 22 and will have surgery in early September. Dr. Grifka will do the surgery at The Univ of Michigan and we have been working with Healing the Children and Partner's in Health in Haiti to coordinate everything to make this happen. Rae, Helen Salan with Healing the Children, and Joe Rennekamp, one person that originally contacted us approx 4 years ago about this child after a mission trip to Haiti with a mission trip with his parish (based out of Morris, IN, just outside of Batesville), along with Partners in Health have moved mountains and cut through immeasurable amounts of red tape to make this happen!



Beni is a delightful little boy who suffers from Hirschprung’s disease and is deaf. Due to the severity of his condition, he and his mother Carmen have been living at the Cincinnati Ronald McDonald House for three years. Beni’s brother succumbed to the same disease, and his family is committed to helping Beni get better. With contributions from ECI volunteers, Beni’s father and sister were able to fly from Romania to join the family in Cincinnati. ECI is able to provide medical disposables and social support to Beni and his family. ECI has also helped Beni find a free source to get eye glass prescriptions filled. One of our volunteers (Katie Ekins) has remained very close to the family. She has had the family over for dinner and been the main delivery person for supplies.

Read about Beni in the Cincinnati Enquirer
      - Family leaves Romania to save ill son's life

everyone's child

13 years old

Wushuang is a 13 year old girl who was injured in a fire at her home in China.  She suffered major burns on 80% of her body, and the fire took the life of her mother.  She was first treated at Shriners Hospital for Children in Cincinnati in 2008 and was sent home to allow more healing.  When it was time for her treatment to continue, Shriners asked ECI to sponsor her.  ECI funds were used to fly Wushuang to the US, and ECI is managing her housing, therapy and support needs. Wushuang is living in Batesville, IN with a host family.  Her first surgery will be in January, and we expect her to be in the US through fall 2010.  She and her host family have been joyful additions to ECI!

Read Wushang's story from the American Airlines Ambassador who escorted Wushang on her first trip to Shriners. Click here.


2 years old

Jonathan is a 2 1/2 year old from Panama who was severely burned on over 80% of his body when a propane tank exploded in his home. Within a day of the accident, the Office of the First Lady of Panama generously arranged for Jonathan to be airlifted to Cincinnati Shriners Hospital. Everyone's Child International was asked by Shriners to serve as the sponsoring agency for Jonathan.

Because Jonathan traveled to the US without a family member, ECI volunteers spent time nurturing Jonathan almost daily by playing with him, reading to him, and holding him while he slept. After Jonathan's medical needs were met with several surgeries and months of recovery in the hospital, ECI board member, Mary Dickey, escorted him back home to Panama. Before returning to the U.S., Mary trained Jonathan's family to perform wound care and physical therapy so his healing can continue at home. Jonathan's family is so very grateful for the wonderful treatment provided at Shriners Hospital and for the emotional and financial support provided by ECI.


2 years old

Ermal and his mother, Xhezide, arrived in January 2008.  Ermal was severely burned on his hands and arms when he fell into a pot of just boiled water 9 months earlier.  His mother walked 2 hours carrying him to a bus that would take her to a hospital.  Although he did receive minimal care in-country, physical therapy, pressure garments and follow-up care were not available.  As a result, significant scar tissue formed on his hands which left him with club hands that were not functional.

While in Cincinnati, Ermal had undergone numerous hand surgeries and is doing wonderfully. Ermal and his mother returned home in August.  They are very grateful to Shriners Hospital, their host family, Sonny & Sherry Rader of Cincinnati, Ohio, Everyone’s Child International, and all of those who have made Ermal’s treatment possible.


Image withheld for security reasons.

Name withheld for security reasons
Toddler Iraqi boy

The boy sustained burns to approximately 50% of his body in an explosion in January  2008.  After a few months of treatment at a military hospital in Iraq, he was transported to Cincinnati for additional surgeries and therapy.  His recovery has been remarkable both physically and emotionally.  He thoroughly enjoyed his stay in the US, possessing a pure love of life that may stem from brushing so close to death.  He became a favorite patient with the nurses and therapists at Shriners.  His mother was very thankful for the support they received from Shriners Hospital, the US Military, and Everyone’s Child.  With his skin healed, he and his mother returned to Iraq at the end of the summer.

Image withheld for security reasons.

Name withheld for security reasons
11 year old Iraqi boy

While walking down the street in Baghdad, the child grabbed hold of what he didn’t realize was a live electrical wire.  The resulting burns were extensive and could not be treated in Iraq.  Under the care of Shriners Hospital, he underwent several surgeries followed by intensive physical therapy.  The boy and his grandmother lived in the Cincinnati area as he recovered.  He was entertained by soccer and video games (which he learned to play with his feet)!  He even attended school and learned a great deal of English.  His grandmother expressed daily gratitude to everyone helping her grandson.  Not even a language barrier could mask the thankfulness in her voice and endless hugs!  The boy returned home at the end of 2008, with great mobility and function of his hands!



9 years old

Gabby was born with infant paralysis of the brain which affected her motor skills. For years Gabby was unable to sit up on her own or walk. Although the prognosis from doctors at birth was bleak, her parents never gave up. After years of intensive therapy, she is gaining strength and is able to sit up on her own. She attends school and is an excellent student. The only wheelchair the family had was a very heavy adult wheelchair, much too big for 40 lb. Gabby. Everyone’s Child International was able to provide Gabby with a specialized stroller-type wheelchair with a harness, footrest, and handbrakes, which make the long walks pushing Gabby up and down the hill, to and from school, much easier. Gabby and her family are very grateful to ECI for making Gabby’s life, and theirs a little easier.


18 years old
Costa Rica

When Paulette was just 15 years old, she was stricken with purpura fulminans following meningitis.  Her loving mother was given the news that her daughter had less than 72 hours to live.   Amazingly, Paulette survived, despite the open wounds on approximately 90% of her body.   After 9 months in a Costa Rican hospital, she finally returned home. 

Paulette had been bedridden with unhealed wounds for nearly a year and a half when two local philanthropists heard about Paulette and came to her home.  Seeing her in this condition, these good samaritans realized more care was necessary.  They sent a plea for help to contacts in the US and Costa Rica.  Eventually, through a network of strangers, arrangements were made to fly Paulette on a donated private jet to Cincinnati Shriner’s Hospital for medical care.  Almost immediately, doctors found it necessary to amputate both her legs below the knees, due to infection.  However, after several surgeries along with extensive physical therapy, Paulette returned home with her wounds healed, walking on her prosthetic legs!  During a year of miraculous recovery in the U.S., she lived with a host family and was welcomed into her host community.  This family came to serve as a model for how ECI facilitates host families.

Today Paulette lives a normal, happy life as she works and goes to school.  Many children in this world can be healed by simply linking them with existing resources.  Everyone’s Child International continues this type of compassionate giving.  Paulette’s story is proof that amazing things happen when people reach out to help a child in need.

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